Imposters, Take a Hike!

College is hard. As a student when you first start, you realize that you aren't as on top of things as you thought you were in high school where you finally started to figure out the system as a senior. Now you're in a new place, with new people, new systems, new expectations, and much more freedom than you are used to having. 


Family Orbit

Emma Claire says, "As a senior in high school, my list of college requirements covered available majors, regional temperature, and proximity to a city, but made no mention of religious life. Seeking out a Christian community wasn't on my radar, and I didn't even know American University was Methodist affiliated until I was moved into my freshman dorm. How do I reconcile that with the fact that just this week I spent a total of 17 hours in church and church-related activities, not counting the six hours spent in religious studies classes and the time spent reading theology books for fun?"