About Journey & Return

Have you ever heard a song that just resonated with you, on an almost cellular level? From the first time I heard the song “All I Can See” by Brendan James, I felt that it said so much about me and about how I hope to live that I described it to several people as the “theme song” of my life (you know, the song that would introduce the show if my life were a TV show).

One particular part of the song that resonates with me goes:

The revolution of the earth around the sun
Is the perfect lesson of how it should be
So if I cannot learn
To journey and return
To never rest till I’ve seen all I can see…

This lyric helped inspire the title for my blog because of the idea that life is a journey, especially life as I will be living it for the next two years as a missionary. It conveys the idea that everyone must have someplace to which they can return: both to rest and recuperate, and to complete the journey. For many people, though not all, this place of return may be home. As I walk this journey, therefor, I hope to explore what home is, and what it means to me.

I hope that this space will be many things over the next few years, and perhaps beyond: a place in which I can share my story, good, bad, or ugly; a place for me to share stories and ideas written by others that make me think, whether or not I actually agree with what they are saying; and a place where I can invite you to join me on my journey.